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“No one can do everything but EVERYONE can do something!”    Even Year Board Job Descriptions 2022

If you are a family child care provider and have a passion for your profession and are interested in promoting our mission, please submit an Executive Committee Application, Area Rep Application, or Chair Application.

Apply NOW for Open Executive Committee positions to start July 1, 2022

Deadline is extended to April 5 to apply for FFCCHA Board positions to start July 1, 2022:  Treasurer, Secretary, Professional Development, Chapter Coordinator, Membership, Public Relations (PR position is open now and would start immediately)

  •  Public Relations (elected in even numbered year)

The Public Relations Officer is responsible for:  communicating with the public regarding child care issues as well as Association business distributing all FFCCHA brochures and flyers; maintains and sets up FFCCHA display boards; at quarterly meetings, conferences and as needed. The Public Relations Officer serves on and oversees the following committee:  Newsletter Editor.

  •   Chapter Coordinator (elected in even numbered year)

The Chapter Coordinator is the liaison on the Executive Committee on behalf of the Chapter Representatives of the local chapters. The coordinator is responsible for sending all correspondence/information to the Chapter Representatives, assisting and certifying that groups seeking to become chapter status have complied with all requirements and submitting reports to the newsletter.  This officer leads the quarterly Chapter Rep meetings and oversees chapter development by conducting technical assistance, training, or new chapter orientation as needed.

  •  Treasurer (elected in even numbered year)

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all bank accounts and financial transactions of the Association. This person works closely with the Financial Assistant. The treasurer shall have custody of all association funds; shall keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures; and shall make disbursements by their due dates or in a timely manner and in accordance with the approved budget, as authorized by the Full Board and the Executive Committee. At least two signatures will be on file at the bank with one signature required on all association checks.  The treasurer serves on and oversees the following committee: Finance and ad-hoc committees: Budget and Audit.

  •  Secretary (elected in even numbered year)

The secretary is responsible for taking attendance and minutes at all general, executive and full board meetings, and any others as needed.  This officer keeps an official copy of all association records, including email votes, writes and sends correspondence as directed by the Executive Board, logs and files incoming and outgoing correspondence, routing copies to the appropriate officers and/or members and submits brief meeting news article for the newsletter.  The secretary serves on and oversees the Chaplain, Hospitality and Historian committees.

  •  Membership (elected in even numbered year)

The Membership Officer is responsible for: collecting, maintaining, and completing all records of membership dues paid to FFCCHA, Inc. and dues for NAFCC; give an updated report for newsletter and at each Full Board meeting and General Meeting; keeping Membership applications on file; recording, writing and keeping the dates of receipt and dates of deposit of dues on file; submitting mailing list for The Grapevine and conference brochure; submitting members who join NAFCC. This officer serves on and oversees the following committee:  Membership Development which includes membership drives, benefits, awards and parent memberships.

  • Professional Development Coordinator (elected in even numbered year)

The Professional Development Officer is responsible for: securing, planning and coordinating training for the quarterly meetings and the annual Leadership Summit for the Association. Duties include:  coordinating and organizing all on-site or virtual arrangements for all classes; organizing and coordinating the application process for training applicants; recording and processing any and all fees received; organizing and maintaining all training materials; and submitting all documents for the quarterly meeting and DCF contract reports. This officer serves on and oversees the following committees: CEU, MENTOR and Credential Scholarship.

Apply NOW for Open CHAIR Positions to start immediately:  Chapter Development, Historian, Hospitality, Latino Development, Member Development, Parliamentarian, and Translation

Questions? Contact Nominations Chair, Arleen Lambert: nominations@familychildcare.org or call 305-651-9617

Open Area Representative Areas:

 1, 3, 4, 6, 8-9,10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 30 Apply now to start immediately. All current EVEN number Reps must re-apply in even years by April 5. 

  • Area Representative Responsibilities are to act as a FFCCHA liaison to the Resource & Referral, Early Learning Coalitions, and other organizations in the Early Care community; to promote and share FFCCHA information with support groups and providers (including non-chapter members) in their designated area; to encourage participation in FFCCHA events and to recruit new members. Area Rep duties will be unique and customized to the needs of providers in their Area.

Submit Area Rep applications to: Perla Almodovar:  ffcchaarearepcoordinator@gmail.com   (305) 321-6735


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