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Agenda for Saturday, November 7, 2020

10-11:30am ZOOM Training (English or Spanish) – see info below

12:30-2:30pm  ZOOM Full Board Meeting – Please contact president@familychildcare.org or vicepresident@familychildcare.org for zoom Link

November 7, 2020 Training Registration– Saturday, 10:00 – 11:30am  

Please choose ONLY ONE training from below

El VIEJO MacDonalds Tenia Vocales! – 1.5 hours – Únase a nosotros para un entrenamiento emocionante sobre vocales y la enseñanza de estas cinco letras de una manera divertida y educativa. Old MacDonalds enseñará a los proveedores cómo usar las vocales y compartirá estrategias de enseñanza para apoyar la comprensión de los estudiantes. Esta capacitación se ofrece en español, pero cubrirá la versión en inglés de Vowels.   Presented by Angela Perla Almodovar, MS                                               


Reading Thru the World – 1.5 hours – There are words all around us and these words are important to pre-reading skills. Join us for an awesome training on environmental print and how it can be a guide to teaching and supporting phonological awareness, print awareness, letter recognition, and prereading skills. We will share activities and lessons that can be done at home or at school that are fun and exciting to support the students needs.  Presented by Adrienne Donaldson, Professional Trainer




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