Let your child “hang” with the Governor in the Capitol Rotunda!

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Children’s Week –

Hanging of the Hands All artwork may be brought to FFCCHA’s Nov 2 meeting in Ocala OR must be postmarked by Saturday, January 18, 2020 and mailed to:

Tasheba Berry-McLaren, FFCCHA 

5206 Flagler Street Hollywood, FL 33021

Please Note:

  • Do not send individual hands
  • Do not send large signs (larger than 11×14)
  • Please ensure hands are secured firmly to string/ ribbon Mailing Instructions

We also invite you to ‘Give Us a Hand’ and submit your artwork online via social media. To learn more visit www.childrensweek.org/giveusahand. Questions, contact us at (850) 222-3868 or info@childrensweek.org. Tens of thousands of paper cut-outs of children’s hands are hung in the Capitol Rotunda during Children’s Week. Please follow the artwork instructions exactly to ensure your hand art is displayed.

  • Artwork is to be stapled onto string/ribbon vertically.
  • String or ribbon must be in lengths of 8-10 feet. If string or ribbon is longer it will be cut.
  • Hand art must be strung together and secured prior to mailing.
  • Please include your county on the box used for mailing.
  • We encourage you to decorate the hands with colorful artwork, stories and attach small pictures and/or small posters (no larger than 11×14).