FFCCHA Virtual Zoom Training

June 4, 2022, Saturday
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

online early at 9:45am

Application can be found on the Forms page.

Introduction to the Positive Behavior Pyramid Model

Presented by: Adrienne Donaldson,
FCCH Provider

Challenging behavior is an inevitable part of early childhood education but the way a provider, educator, or parent approaches the behavior can have a strong influence on the environment. In this introduction session to the Pyramid Model for Positive Behavior you will learn more about the concept, how to reframe your thinking, the influences on the children, and practice a few activities. This will help teach providers how to manage challenging behavior and change their approach to the situations. This training is part of a five-session training program.

An email with a link to zoom class will be sent to you after FFCCHA has received your registration.

Registration Fee: $30

$25 scholarships available for FLRegistered OR Licensed family child care provider members OR co-provider FFCCHA members.

Check on the form if you are applying for a scholarship.

In order to receive a Training Certificate, you must:

  1. Submit your payment.
  2. Be present for the entire training session.
  3. Submit the June 4th registration form via mail or email to:
  4. Complete and submit an evaluation after the training.