Deadline to Apply for Accreditation Scholarships – Funds Available!

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Credential Application MUST apply by June 12 

MUST apply by June 12 so we can process and pay NAFCC before June 30, 2020

Aplicación De Beca Para Credenciales   en el periodo de tiempo de Julio 1, 2019 al Junio 12, 2020.

Requirements:  Must be a Florida regulated Family Child Care Provider and a FFCCHA chapter provider member.

NEW members can apply NOW too!

Applying for: $160  $315  $325 $525 or other amount____

  • NAFCC Accreditation: Self Study $315 – full scholarship
  • NAFCC New Accreditation: Application $525 – full scholarship
  • NAFCC Re-Accredit Application $525 – full scholarship
  • NAFCC Accreditation Annual Up-date $160 – full scholarship

Note: $600/person/year is the maximum awarded in time period July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020.

Please submit this application along with 2 letters of recommendation (dated within past 6 mos.) from any of the following: Child Care Agency, Early Learning Coalition, local FFCCHA Chapter, current parent/client from your FCC home, Food Program sponsor, Training Instructor, Licensing, Community or State College.

Also include a copy of your current NAFCC Membership Card or Receipt of purchase.