Apply for up to $300 in Scholarships for Credentials – Funds Available!

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2019 Credential Scholarship Application

2019 Aplicación De Beca Para Credenciales

Requirements:  Must be a Florida regulated Family Child Care

Provider and a FFCCHA chapter provider member

for one year without a lapse in membership

Applying for: $50  $150  $250  $300 or other amount____

  • NAFCC Accreditation: Self Study
  • NAFCC New Accreditation: Application
  • NAFCC Re-Accredit Application
  • NAFCC Accreditation Annual Up-date $160 – full scholarship
  • NAFCC Observer Refresher
  • NAFCC Observer – June 19-20, 2019 in Orlando $150 – full scholarship
  • NAFCC Train the Accreditation Trainer  – June 19-20,2019 in Orlando $300 (your portion is only $50) 
  •  Master Provider – New
  • Master Provider Renewal
  • Cuatro Pasos
  • Second Helping
  • Second Helping T-T-T
  • Second Helping Renew T-T-T

Note: $300/person/year is the maximum awarded in time period July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018.

Therefore, you must commit to pay the balance on credentials that exceed $300.

 Please submit an application along with 2 letters of recommendation from any of the following:

Child Care Agency, Early Learning Coalition, local FFCCHA Chapter, current parent/client from your FCC home, Food Program sponsor, Training Instructor, Licensing, Community or State College