Please feel free to print and copy the following publications to promote FFCCHA and to use in your business.

If you would like a hard copy of these publications:  There’s No Place Like Home 16-page Booklet, TNPLH Tri-fold Brochure or Enhancing Our Minds conference registration brochure, please contact our Public Relations Officer.

Our newsletter, The Grapevine, is published quarterly in the months of January, April, July and October.  All members are mailed a hard copy of the newsletter.  Please contact our Membership Officer to request a hard copy of the newsletter.

Reports from leadership positions, articles, credential recognition, Talk-of-the Town candidates and ads are due on November 17, February 17, May 10 and August 17. Please send them via e-mail to Wendy Corso-Ruud, Newsletter Editor.

If you earned a credential such as CDA, NAFCC accreditation, director credential, degree, etc, in the last quarter, please notify the Newsletter Editor.

Other FFCCHA Publications

  • Enhancing Our Minds
  • There’s No Place Like Home