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9:00 am – 1pm Summit Training

1:00-2:pm Lunch Break

2:00-3:30pm Full Board Meeting, contact Adrienne for a zoom link for the Full Board Meeting

Feb 26, 2022 Leadership Summit Training Registration Form

  • Keynote: “Leaders Are Made…Followers are Born” 
  • Presented by Adrienne Donaldson, B.S. EEC, NAFCC Accredited Large FCCH, FFCCHA Certified Mentor and Coach. Effective leadership starts from the moment we are born. The saying, “Leaders are Born” is most certainly untrue. Leaders are molded, formed, and shaped by life experiences, life teachers, and life lessons that we face throughout our lives. How we use this information and data is what helps create the leader we grow into. We will explore how leaders are made and how the environment plays a significant part in the type of leader we develop into. We will discuss how leaders are made versus being born and how to use these skills and knowledge to grow our abilities as leaders. This will be explained using the analogy of a car engine, which represents you as a leader. We will explore the seven essential liquids to make an engine operate efficiently, represented as the qualities we must develop to be an effective leader.
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