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2022 Call for Workshop Presenters Form

Workshop Proposal Applications will ONLY be accepted via email submissions in .doc or .docx word format or files that are typed in the computer (not handwritten and not scanned). Deadline EXTENDED to: April 2, 2022

All workshop sessions will be 75 minutes (1.25 hours) with 30 minute breaks in between

(15 minutes right before and after workshop is allowed for set up and break down)

All set up, handout copies and visual aid expenses are the responsibility of the Presenter.

Accepted workshops entitle the primary presenter only to a free conference registration.  All co-presenters will need to register and pay the registration fee.  All presenters are responsible for submitting a Conference Registration Brochure form in the spring and making their own travel and hotel reservations and any other expenses incurred.

Submissions must include ALL of the following information:

_-English Track         __Spanish Track

Short Title (2 words): ________________________________ for use on the At-a-Glance page in program

In order to provide a variety of workshops, please indicate which category your workshop relates to:

__Curriculum   __Health, Safety or Nutrition   __Special Needs   __Leadership Skills   __Business Practices   __VPK

__Legislation, Advocacy  __Behavior challenges   __Parent Involvement   __Credentials   __Other ____________

Workshop format: __Lecture     __Discussion     __Loud/noisy     __PowerPoint     __Other____________

Please specify if using a PowerPoint.  If so, we will assign you to a room with a screen and table with power cord. You must supply your own computer and projector.

Preference for workshop time:  __Friday, June 25  __AM or __PM        __Saturday, June 26 __AM or __PM

Please explain any type of unusual circumstances, room set up or special request.

Resume must contain name, contact info, educational background or credential, work history, previous workshops presented, years in child care and professional affiliations, associations, or organizations

Submit the following information on the FFCCHA CEU form: (request from: conference@familychildcare.org)

Note:  Please list contact information, workshop title, and description as you want it printed in the Conference program book. However, FFCCHA has right to edit all submissions.

Primary Presenter Name, Professional Job Title, Educational Level

Secondary Presenter(s) (If applicable): Name Professional Job Title, Educational Level and all contact info

Address of Primary Presenter: Mailing Address, City, State, Zip

Phone, Cell Phone and Email

Spanish workshop Presenters must submit Title, Description, and outline in both English and Spanish.

Title of Workshop that clearly and concisely describes its content

Workshop Description for Program book (50 words or less)

Outline and concise description of topic, listing outcome objectives and method of evaluation

Submit workshop applications via email to:  conference@familychildcare.org, info@familychildcare.org

Need more information on HOW to ENHANCE Minds?

Contact Karan Hiester, Conference Coordinator:  conference@familychildcare.org call 386-957-4482



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