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Newsletter Advertising Form

Yes!   We would like to advertise in “The Grapevine” newsletter.  Submit ads in grey tone and color in JPEG with portrait orientation.  The color ad will be used on our website version of the newsletter.

Deadline dates are:

November 17                 January Issue

February 17                 April Issue

May 10                         July Issue

August 17                 October Issue

BW Business Card Size $50

BW ¼ page (5”x 3½”) = $75

BW ½ page (5”x 7”) = $125

BW Full page (7” x 9½”) = $200

Outside Cover in color in print version = $200 (½ page landscape)

Special Package Rates:

(4 issues)      “Yearly”

Full page          $675    (savings of $125)

Half page inside $425    (savings of $75)

Quarter page    $250    (savings of $50)

Business Card  $175    (savings of $25)

“Super Saver”          $350     (savings of $75)

One Full page and three Quarter pages

“Be Noticed”                $675     (savings of $125)

Half page on Outside Cover in Color (4 issues)

This will be seen first by everyone!

Make check payable to: FFCCHA, Inc. Mail to: FFCCHA, 9207 Edgemont Lane, Boca Raton, FL 33434
Need more info? Contact: FFCCHA Public Relations, Lula Owens via e-mail:

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